How to WordPress

HTTPS (SSL) setup in WordPress: how to do it?
Secure communication between the web server and end users becomes a standard that is not advised to be overlooked. In addition to security itself, it also has a fundamental influence on the visitors credibility and also affects search engine rankings. How to correctly set up HTTPS (SSL) on WordPress?
How do I change the URL of the sign-in page in WordPress to improve website security?
Changing the address of the login page is not just a cosmetic thing. Thin editing can effectively protect your website from many attackers and robots who are trying hard to break the security of your site.
How do I customize the WordPress login page and insert my own logo?
If you've successfully installed the content management system and created a WordPress website, you might want to customize the details that visitors do not see at your site. However, it is visible to your clients or website administrators, for whom every tiny detail can play an important role.
How to secure WordPress without plugins, just using the .htaccess file
There are many tips and tricks on WordPress security. Most of these include the installation of third-party security plug-ins. However, if you do not want to install the plugin, you can try a simple setup with the .htaccess file.
Where to find free quality templates for WordPress?
One of the first steps when building a WordPress website is to find the appropriate template, the design on which you will build your website. Though there are many sophisticated paid templates, you can even find really good pieces for free. Do you know where to look for them?
How to change the preview of WordPress posts on social networks
This is a thing that is often forgotten, but it is very important for visibility and sharing of the website. Differentiate yourself from other users and learn how to easily change the image and text that will appear when sharing your social media content, whether on Facebook or Twitter.
Can I turn off WordPress comments or replace them with better ones?
WordPress Comments. WordPress users don’t need a plugin to accept comments on their blogs. As WordPress comes with a built-in commenting system. Yet, the integrated comments in WordPress provide very basic spam sensitive features. There are far more advanced Commenting plugins available. Here the best alternative commenting plugins for WordPress.
WordPress migration: How to move your WordPress website to a new hosting or other domain?
WordPress Migration. Moving your website can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t need to be. The biggest risk when migrating a website to a new server is data loss and downtime. To prevent this, here "how to move your entire WordPress sites to a new hosting or other domain?"
WordPress RSS: How to setup RSS feed on WordPress
WordPress RSS. You heard of RSS. But What is RSS Feeds exactly? What are its benefits? And how to enable, use, optimize and disable RSS up in WordPress? WordPress RSS: How to set up RSS Feed on WordPress?
WordPress multi-language: How to create a multilingual page in WordPress?
WordPress multi-language. Does your WordPress website receive visits from all over the world? Time to change your WordPress website into a Multi-language site. Install multi-language plugins or use Automated machine translation. How to create a multilingual page in WordPress?
WooCommerce webshop tutorial: How to install WooCommerce in WordPress?
WooCommerce webshop tutorial. Perfectly integrated with WordPress, WooCommerce is the most popular free webshop plugin. Read the WooCommerce webshop tutorial to understand why WooCommerce is so popular. And learn how to install, set up and extend an online store in WordPress using WooCommerce step by step.
Automatic Social Network: How to share posts from WordPress to social networks automatic?
Automatic Social Network sharing. Sharing articles and social networking articles are popular nowadays. Facebook and Twitter are popular social channels to inform your customers. Fans and subscribers want to receive updates in the simplest way as possible. So, how to share posts from WordPress to social networks automatic?
WordPress contact form: how to create an e-mail contact form in WordPress?
WordPress contact form. The goal of your WordPress website is to get in touch with potential customers to sell your products. Adding a contact form is the first step to gain a reliable customer base. Not sure which WordPress contact form plugin to use or how it works? How to create an e-mail contact form in WordPress?
WordPress video: How to embed video to WordPress posts and pages?
WordPress video. Website visitors scan digital information quickly. They pay more attention to visuals, such as video. As it is more entertaining than long text and delivers the key idea faster. Enriching your web content with video is crucial to delivering good site experiences.
Google custom search engine: how to add Google search in a WordPress site?
Google custom search engine. Although WordPress comes with a built-in search feature, it is not very accurate. That’s why many site owners prefer to add Google site search on their WordPress site. Read this article, to learn how to add Google Search into a WordPress site.
WordPress favicon: how to add favicon in WordPress?
WordPress favicon. Always wondered why some websites contain a small icon in the web browser? Time to find out for yourself. At the first glance, it may not seem to be such a big deal. Yet, a favicon is an absolute necessity for your WordPress website. WordPress favicon: how to add a favicon in WordPress?
WordPress shortcodes: how to insert shortcodes in WordPress?
WordPress shortcodes. Did you ever see a text within brackets in WordPress? Then you have seen a shortcode. Shortcuts add new features to your content and ease your work. Want to add a video, button or survey without using a code? WordPress shortcodes: how to insert shortcodes in
Google Analytics WordPress: how to setup WordPress traffic the proper way?
Google Analytics WordPress. Your WordPress website is online. Congrats! Yet, you are still far from ready. Your website is one of many. There are over 1 billion active websites on the internet (Internetlivestats, 2017). Time to measure your website traffic. That is where Google Analytics
WordPress website speed: how to speed up your WordPress website?
WordPress Website Speed. Still, think the speed of your website does not matter? Think again. Web visitors expect speed. Search engines crawl search results based on speed. As a website, you have max. 2 seconds to make a great first impression. How to speed up your WordPress website?
Yoast SEO plugin: 4 tips for WordPress search engine opimization
Yoast SEO plugin. Do you want web visitors to find your site on the Internet? Use Search Engine Optimisation when creating your WordPress site. The Yoast SEO Plugin will help you out with SEO for WordPress, even if you do not fully understand what SEO is about.
WordPress widgets: what are they and how to install them?
WordPress Widgets. You can extend your WordPress site with new functionalities through Widgets. But what are Widgets exactly and how to install Widgets to your WordPress site? Read this article to find out.
WordPress Themes: how to use WordPress templates
WordPress Themes. Ready to take the next step: find the right WordPress Themes that meet your needs. Installing a WordPress theme is easy. But keep in mind that if you activate a new theme, it will change how your website looks and function completely. Read on how to use WordPress templates.
WordPress plugins: 4 free must-have plugins
WordPress Plugin. With plugins, the functionality of your WordPress site becomes adaptable. Yet, amongst so many, often beginners get confused when trying to pick the best. We explain what WordPress plugins are. How they work. And which four free plugins are an absolute
How to install and make basic WordPress settings
Creating a WordPress website can also be done by beginners. The system is intuitive, simple and completely in Slovak, so creating your custom website is a joy. We advise you how to install WordPress and what to look for in its settings.