Domain is the address under which others can find you on the Internet. Find the right domain name and register your own domain with ACTIVE 24 before it is taken by someone else. Registering your domain with ACTIVE 24 you get extra services that you can start using immediately for free. Get our CMS Moje stránky Start for 1 year for free to .CZ domain registration.

Register a .cz domain and donate CZK 1 to Centrum Paraple.

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Special offers domains 

Special offer on .SK domain!

Registration for 5,80 € excl. VAT*
Original price 10,99 €

Renewal price based on the standard price list.

(6.96 € incl. VAT)

Free .SK domain 

Original price 5.80 €

Free .SK domain registration to unlimited web hosting 

Special offer on .ONLINE domain!

Registration for 4 € excl. VAT*
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Renewal price based on the standard price list. 

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Domain services

Web for free for 1 year

Free website

Get Moje stránky Start publishing system one year for free to .CZ domain registration



If the customer orders this service, the upcoming domain registration expiration date will be notified not only by sending an e-mail, but also by phone and by registered letter if necessary.



Superstránka is a free service that allows you to easily present your personal data, hobbies, or business interests on the Internet.

Webforward Mailforward

Redirecting website and emails

Webforward service enables you to redirect the domain to any other web site. You can redirect the domain to any other website. Using Mailforward, emails will be forwarded to one selected email address.


DNSSEC security

DNSSEC protects domains against redirection and ensures that the content of your website is actually displayed when you enter a domain into your web browser.


DNS settings

DNS domain record settings that are registered with ACTIVE 24 are free. If the registrar is not ACTIVE 24, we charge an annual fee of 9.92 € (11.90 incl. VAT) for domain registration to the ACTIVE 24 zone.

If you already have a domain registered with another registrar, you can transfer your domain to us and start taking advantage of our wide range of quality services and benefits.

All information on domain transfer can be found in our Help centre.

Domain generator

Bulk domain registration

New gTLDs


  1. What is a domain?
    A domain or domain name is the name of your website or online store, where users can find you online. The domain name should be short and concise.
  2. How do I register a new domain?
    When registering domains, you will often find that your favorite doman is already occupied. With us, you can quickly and easily verify whether the domain is available for registration. Simply by typing the desired name of your new page in the box above, choose the domain extension - for example .SK, and click the verify button.
  3. What are top-level domains (TLDs) and national domains? The top-level domain is also called a domain extension. National domains consist of two letters and denote a particular country.
  4. What is domain redirection and domain alias?
    The domain can be redirected to another address, for example, by setting DNS records (A record) or using Webforward.
  5. How to transfer a domain?
    The domain can be transferred from one registrar to another. Domain transfer may be charged and domain transfer policies vary from domain registers.