Facts and Figures
Founded: 1997, basic assets: CZK 5,100,000

Management and people
CEO is Peter Šmída, other members of the management are Martina Pohořelická, Michael Foist, Tomáš Hála and Pavel Mattivi .
The company has 49 employees and associates.

Activities and Services
ACTIVE 24 is a leading czech web hosting provider and domain registrar.
The company was originaly called GLOBE INTERNET. In december 2004 it was renamed by its 100% owner, the Norwegian concern ACTIVE 24 ASA. ACTIVE 24 acquired (as GLOBE INTERNET) the .CZ domain registrar's status in October 2003. On 1. of January 2018,  ACTIVE 24 had 172,619 .CZ domains in its management. 

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