Where to find free quality templates for WordPress?

One of the first steps when building a WordPress website is to find the appropriate template, the design on which you will build your website. Though there are many sophisticated paid templates, you can even find really good pieces for free. Do you know where to look for them?

Thousands of templates to choose from 

Templates can be found and installed  directly in the publishing system administration,owever, it is possible that you will not find any suitable for your purposes here. Although they have unquestionable benefits (such as support from developers), you do not have to directly turn to paid variants that can cost thousands of crowns. You can find some suitable templates for your site and free of charge.

TIP: If you were wondering whether to have a custom template created, see first if you can find a suitable paid or free template. After that, just make few simple adjustments with plug-ins or several hours paid for the programmer, and you have a complete unique website.

Where are the best templates to be found?

The first place to visit is the WordPress website itself. The sophisticated search system allows not only to categorize templates according to user preferences but also by popularity, which makes it quicker to select better quality templates. Currently there are over 5,000 different templates, which is a considerable number, able to meet the needs of many webmasters.

Nabídka šablon

 Athemes website also specializes in the current WordPress templates. It also includes a brief description of individual responsive templates, which will make your selection even easier. All of them are free in the basis, but many offer extra advanced features for a fee; this frequent with free templates. The purchase of additional features is always voluntary and the user is not forced to do so.

Šablona WordPress

A similar service like Athemes is also offered by Colorlib. It offers over 50 free templates for a wide range of users– you can find templates designed specifically for the medical industry etc.


Colorib šablony

In the czech environment, the website premiovesablony.cz focuses on careful selection of quality templates. It offers several different examples of how the individual templates look, making them easy to imagine in practice.

To search for a large number of other templates, you can use both a search engine nad specialized websites, that refer to template sources. However, it is not always possible to guarantee the quality of the design.

TIP: Look for foreign articles with current templates reports to ensure that the template is up to date and lasts longer. Search terms like „Best free WordPress Templates 2018“ etc. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Free Premium Templates? Directly from the creators of those paid

Try to go through the pages of some of the professional studios that deal with the sale of templates.  MyThemeShop studio, which even has its own sales portal, offers 20 professional templates for free. In addition, they also sell a number of paid ones, on which large projects and representative websites can be built with the cost of a thousand crowns.

Výběr šablon

Hint: Find developers you like on ThemeForest and visit their websites: it is quite possible that at least one template will be offered free of charge. You will get a quality and proven template for free.

Watch out for cheaters

If you want to find a template yourself, beware of bonus, paid templates that are illegally available for download. Sometimes you do not even need to be familiar with it, however, as it is said - ignorance does not apologize. In the future, it could mean that you will be confronted with (legal) problems.

You should also avoid very dubiously looking websites or strange downloads - they can hide annoying malware. Fortunately, however, the legitimate websites are much easier to find than those fraudulent, which helps prevent most problems.

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