Advanced website creation

Website Tips: 5 frequent made beginner mistakes
You have registered your domain name and purchased a web hosting package. Now you can start with your website. Stop! Before you start building your website, first read through this website tips. This will avoid the five most common beginner mistakes.
Basic web advice: Step-by-step creating your own website
Basic web advice: Step-by-step creating your own website. No technical knowledge. That is no longer reserved for a privileged few. Anyone can step-by-step to create your own website. But before you start assembling your own website, it is good to take some basic advice to heart. Here is our advice on how to make your own website. From the first idea to the final site solution! Step-by-step!
Three basic questions for a successful website
Web Design Strategy: three basic questions. Anyone can now create a website, but not everyone knows how to make a successful website. A well thought out web strategy is an important, but often forgotten step. These three basic web design strategy questions, help to create a successful website, before you start to build.
Free website: pros and cons
"Free website" is a popular Google search. Not surprising, because why would you pay for a website, as it can be for nothing? Still, there are significant disadvantages to a free website. Wondering what they are?