How to run an online store: 3 tips to get you started

Avoid the common mistakes that beginners do in the internet business. We advise you how to operate an e-shop and what to look for when you start.

1. Resolve legal business questions first

To be able to do business on the Internet, you must give your e-shop some legal form. In principle, you should decide between two basic options – trades licensing or limited liability company. At the same time, you should register with your social security and health insurance company, even if you have a regular employment relationship and e-shop  is your leisure time hobby.


Trades licencing is the easiest and cheapest solution. It is usually enough for you to set up a "retail" license. Since it is a free business licence, you do not need to prove your expertise or other endorsements. You will fill in a simple form at the trade office, pay a fee of CZK 1,000 and you can go straight into the business.

The disadvantage of doing business as a tradesman is that you are the sole proprietor of your business.  If you do not want to take this risk, you can start or buy a limited liability company.

A limited liability company is the safest solution, but it is a bit more expensive. Prepare a minimum of 10,000 CZK and time for more paperwork that can unfortunately not be avoided.  However, you will not have to worry about your personal assets, because in case of trouble you only guarantee with the company's assets.

By the start of your business, it's better to set up a simpler business license, but when you get busy growing over time, start thinking about a limited liability company.

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2. Responsive design is a must have

Nowadays you can now browse more and more websites through your mobile phone or tablet. And this trend is expected to continue to grow. That's why you should want your website to be responsive - that is, optimized for mobile viewing as well.

This makes the layout of your e-shop personalized to a smaller screen and creates a user-friendly environment for mobile owners to buy. In addition to responsiveness, also look at the amount of products you can offer at your online store. Some e-shops have a limited number of items that you can manage.  If your business grows, limited capacity may be uncomfortably binding.

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3. As for transport, less is more

At the start of your business, you should also clarify how you will ship your goods to customers.  Among the tips on how to run an e-shop, you can find recommendations that it is good to have a varied range of transport options so that each customer can choose the best. However, it opposite is more likely to be true. Too many variations are forcing website visitors to compare and consider options. Sometimes, decision-making paralysis may arise when giving up the lengthy pick-up and your potential customer may go shopping at a competitor where the buying process is easier.

It is good to offer your customers the possibility of a personal take-off and a maximum of two shipping companies– such as the Czech Post, to which most people in the Czech Republic are most accustomed, and one courier company. You will be better off calculating the cost of transport and you can get more favorable terms and better rates for courier companies for frequent use of its services.

We will be happy to advise you on how to operate an e-shop and what to watch out for

If you want more advice at the beginning, read more articles from the section  How to web creation. Or try everything straight. With our 14-day trial you will not even pay a crown. You will get a free e-shop after ordering it. You can easily test it yourself.  This also helps you find out what you need for your internet business.


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