Domain registration process

Domain registration process. You want a website. From your friends, you hear that you first need a domain name. No idea what that means, let alone how the domain registration process works? Read it here.

What is a domain?

A domain (ie domain name) is a unique identifier on the Internet. It is your online "Internet address" to which your email or website is displayed.

An example of a domain name is:


  • www= subdomain
  • active24= domain name.
  • .sk = domain extension, the part after the dot.


Each domain name is associated with a unique IP address. Computer servers exchange information via the numeric IP addresses. Your website and email address associated with your domain name, are therefore only visible to your specific domain name.


What is a domain registration?

A domain registration is a way to capture your unique "online identity" on the Web. The domain registration process consists of several steps:

  1. Think of a good domain name
  2. Check the availability of the domain name.
  3. Register the domain at a internet service provider such as ACTIVE 24.
  4. Pay the outstanding invoice for domain name registration.
  5. Confirm the link from the ASCIO Email about your domain registration.

How do I become domain owner?

You will become the rightful domain owner after the domain registration process is completed. Domain registration only is not enough. The domain name must actually be put on your name. This happens after payment and confirmation:

  • The domain name is registered.
  • The outstanding bill for domain name registration fee is paid
  • Your domain registration is confirmed by an e-mail link to the domain registration business

IMPORTANT: It is possible that a domain name is claimed at the same time at different domain registration parties. As in the domain name market, "first comes, first served" applies. The person who first paid and confirmed the domain name registration becomes the domain holder. It is, therefore important to pay your domain and confirm by email as soon as possible.


How long do I stay domain owner?

Once the domain registration process is completed, you are domain owner. A domain registration ensures that no one else can use your domain name during paid registration period.

You remain domain owner, as long as you have paid the registration fee. After that period you can choose to extend the domain registration. The domain address is being protected for a certain period. This is usually 1 calendar year, depending on the business domain registration, where you register the domain name.

Before the end of the domain registration period, you will automatically receive a Pro-forma invoice for domain extension. At that moment, you can decide to renew your domain registration or to release the domain name to the domain market again. If you do not pay the Pro-forma invoice on time, the domain name comes first in quarantine and will then be released again on the domain market.

As long as your domain is active period, no one else able to register this domain name.

TIP: Do you want to transfer your existing domain name?
Read "Domain Transfer" first.

How do I check the availability of a domain name?

IMPORTANT: Many good domain names on the market are already registered. Therefore, first check the availability of your desired domain name, before you create your website.


You can check the availability of your desired domain name directly through our website. You will immediately know if your desired domain name is still available.

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in the domain box next to your domain name (without the www).
  3. Select the domain name extension (the domain name after the end point).
  4. Click Check Domain to verify the availability of the domain.
  5. You'll also find free alternative domain names, to choose from.


TIP: Is your dream domain is already taken?
Register an alternative domain name.

  • Do you host your domain with another provider?
  • Or did you choose to host your domain name, email and web hosting at different hosting providers?
  • Do you review all of your online services directly from your control panel?


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