How to promote an online store? Try these 5 options - 3 of them are free!

Even if you have the best products on your website, no one will know about them without good promotion. Read our tips and start your business today.


1. Get started with SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) does not bring profits in the form of a crowd of new visitors and big revenue right now, but it has a long term effect. If you work well with the content on your website, you can appear in the top positions in the search results - just below the ads.

HINT: More detailed instructions on how to get started with SEO can be found in the article Make your website visible or SEO for beginners.

2. Set up social networks

Here, however, beware - quality is much more important than quantity. You do not have to be on all networks. It is enough if you choose one or two that suits your intention and focus on them. The company producing designer decorations for the apartment can present for example on Facebook and Pinterest, a beginning photographer at Instagram or Flickr and a media agency on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Whether you choose any network for your e-shop, it's important that you add content regularly and do not try to sell at all costs. Social networks are primarily about entertainment and education, so they need to be accessed as well.

3. Give advice in discussions, but do not force yourself

You can also promote your website in various discussion and interest forums. In counseling, you should be kind, helpful and pragmatic. Others will quickly know if you really want to talk to someone or just make an ad. Unrelated posts will only get you away from potential customers. So be careful about the style and the content of the communication.

4. Take advantage of paid marketing

Compared to SEO, paid advertising is short-lived, but its results can be observed almost immediately. It helps newly created websites you to quickly inform the world that you are here. There are many formats that you can use under paid marketing. 

The first option that can quickly increase your website traffic  is to use PPC ads on Seznam or Google. The keywords you select will help you get to the first page of your search. For example, if you enter the word  „car“ into the search box, all posts marked as "ad" come from PPC systems. If you order PPC ads yourself, then you will pay for every person your ad gets interested in and clicks into your website.

In addition, you can also pair your products with commodity search engines and comparators.  Try ads on social networks. For example, on Facebook, the promotion of your post will ensure that a lot more people see it. The advantage is that you can set up well who you want to view your post and select a specific location, or focus only on users of a certain age or hobby.

In the online world, you can also buy the location of your banners, videos, or articles.

5. Bet on offline marketing

You can not only promote your e-shop in the online world. Even outside the Internet, you have a great options to let others know you. Leaflets, business cards, billboards, articles in professional magazines, gift items – possibilities are almost infinite. Think about what makes sense in your case and start e.g. with a smaller local campaign.

We keep our fingers crossed for you!

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