Basic web advice: Step-by-step creating your own website

Basic web advice: Step-by-step creating your own website. No technical knowledge. That is no longer reserved for a privileged few. Anyone can step-by-step to create your own website. But before you start assembling your own website, it is good to take some basic advice to heart. Here is our advice on how to make your own website. From the first idea to the final site solution! Step-by-step!

1: Think first, then act

First think about how you want your website to look like. Before you rush to register a domain name, buy web hosting or other online services. This is an important step, which is often about beaten. Yet this foundation for your website can save you a later time, money and frustration. Take the time to see -the final result- your website for you:

  • Search the Internet for websites that you like.
  • Take pen and paper and write your website needs and ideas.
  • Draw a picture of your ideal website, blog or web shop.
  • What more online services you need for your future website?

TIP: Make sure you know exactly what you want and need to make your own website step-by-step.

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2: Self build
or outsource your website.

Depending on the type of site and the degree of professionalism of the end result. Make a choice. Build a website yourself or outsource website creation to a professional web designer:

  • Build your website yourself
  • If you have a hobby or novice small- or medium-sized enterprise, you can best build your own website. Always keep control over your website. And customize your own website, where and when you want.
    Moje stránky  is a good option to make yourself step-by-step your own website. You do not have any programming knowledge possible for this cloud-based website builder.

  • Website Outsource
  • Do you also want long-term success online or set high standards? If you want a very complex site with many extra features, a website builder and basic HTML are not enough. Choose in this case for outsourcing your website to a professional web designer.

Ask yourself:

  • Is your website designed for your hobby, or professional usage?
  • Which extra online services do you want to use? A domain registration with or without their own e-mail, web hosting servers. Web Site Builder or WordPress website?


TIP: If you are unsure about a free website?
Read our article "Free website: pros and cons".

3: ask your questions
and order a suitable solution

Now you know, how your website will look like. Take a step further. Ask yourself "what more online services you need?" And "if you will self-build or outsource your website". After you have this clear, you can proceed to buy appropriate, online website services:

As yourself the following questions:

  • Size: How many Web pages can contain your website?
  • Web Space: How much space you have for your website?
  • Unlimited o.b.v. fair trade or limited?
    Is there enough space for storing pictures and videos?
    Want to save your pictures and videos on your website or on a remote server or online tool?
  • Email space: Use your own email address at your domain name? Or use Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account?
  • Support: Is customer and technical support available?
  • When and how (by phone, email, chat, ticket system)?
  • Design: Static or Responsive design?
  • Do you want your website visible on mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet? Then you must ensure that the template/site code for your website is "responsive".
    Do you want an online business card? Only visible on a desktop computer is enough? A "static, standard design" will do.

TIP: A responsive web design is nowadays very important. Especially since Google search engine applies the “Mobile First” strategy. Google gives websites that favour Mobile devices preferences in its Search Pages.
Due to an increased number of search results via smartphones and tablets.

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Now you know how your website will look like and have followed our basic web advice, it is time to order your website solution.

Once you subscribe to a website, you will receive a confirmation. You can immediately start creating your website. Most website content management systems are pretty intuitive. You will learn yourself step-by-step creating your own professional website.

If you need any help, please contact us. We are here to help you.

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