Domain registration

What is a domain?
Domain or domain name is briefly the address of your website. Every computer that is connected to the Internet must have a unique address called IP address. This consists of several digits, e.g. (the shape corresponding to the IPv4 protocol). Because the address with this name would be difficult to remember, a domain name was created in the form Such a name is easier to remember for users and gives more insight into the content of the website.
Choosing a good Domain Name: 5 expert tips
Good Domain Name. Choosing a good domain name is what co-determines your online success. But how to choose a good domain name? These 5 expert tips will help you to choose the best domain name for your business, blog or web shop.
Domain registration process
Domain registration process. You want a website. From your friends, you hear that you first need a domain name. No idea what that means, let alone how the domain registration process works? Read it here.