What is a domain?

Domain or domain name is briefly the address of your website. Every computer that is connected to the Internet must have a unique address called IP address. This consists of several digits, e.g. (the shape corresponding to the IPv4 protocol). Because the address with this name would be difficult to remember, a domain name was created in the form www.nazovdomeny.sk. Such a name is easier to remember for users and gives more insight into the content of the website.

Each domain consists of three levels:

1. level domain
The first level domain indicates the extension of a domain name that always starts with a dot. We know two kinds of domain extensions. National domains are linked to a particular country, e.g. in Slovakia, the domains end in .sk, in the Czech Republic .cz, in Hungary .hu and so on. International or generic domains can be registered by anyone. These include extensions like .com, .org, .info.

2. level domain

The second-level domain contains the name of a web presentation that should be easily memorable and should express the purpose of the site, www.mydomain.sk. Most often, we encounter the name of the business, product, or site content. Second-level domain is very important as it defines the page name itself and also has the priority to search for information.

3. level domain

The third level domain is generally known as www, but it is not a condition. It can also be a different type of subdomain, e.g. shop.mydomain.sk. Subdomains are used to make the site structure more transparent, for example, when offering multiple services on one 2. level domain, where it is better to divide the content into multiple categories.

When creating a domain name, you need to think about multiple rules. The domain name may contain only certain characters, numbers, and hyphens, and it may not begin or end with a hyphen. At the same time, it must contain minimum of 2 and a maximum of 63 characters. Some domain extentions allow accented names (such as the .eu domain)


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