Domain transfer process: a short guide

Domain transfer process. You have registered a domain name, but are not satisfied with your current domain registration company? As a domain owner, you can choose to transfer your domain. A brief guide to the domain transfer process.

What is a domain transfer?

A domain transfer is a common process, in which you move your current domain name at the current domain registration company to a different domain registration company. The domain transfer is usually free of charge, but additional costs may be charged.

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Before deciding to move your existing domain name and additional services, (e.g. email, hosting and website) away to another Internet service provider (ISP), it is important to win information over the new provider in advance, to prevent later disappointment.

Even if a domain transfer might be free, many domain registration companies charge costs for a domain transfer to their customers. These costs vary greatly. This has to do with:

  • The administration fee for domain transfer.
    The new domain registration company charges possible additional fees for the domain transfer.
  • The cost of additional Internet services .
    The cost of additional Internet services (Eg. Domain registration, website, email, hosting & server) be re-charged for a domain transfer.The total price may, therefore be higher or lower and depends on the chosen domain registration- and hosting company.

Domain move

Check in advance to:

  • Costs domain transfer
    What is the total cost of the domain transfer (including VAT)?
  • Expiration domain Name
    Domain extension is possible?
  • New Control Panel
    If the domain name transferred to your new Control Panel?
  • Extra services
    What additional services do I receive with the domain transfer?
  • Extra costs
    What additional costs is passed on domain transfer?

Domain transfer proces

How does the domain move process work?
The domain transfer process differs per domain registration service.
the general process consists of the below steps:

  1. Backup
    You create a backup of your current website, email and database.
  2. Authorisation Code
    You ask an Authorisation code to your current domain registration company.
  3. Contact
    You contact your new provider, that will take care of the domain transfer process.
  4. Subscription
    You subscribe to the new service provider in the domain registration service.
  5. Approving changes
    You approve the changes to the domain transfer.
  6. Confirmation domain transfer
    You await the confirmation email of the successful domain transfer.

IMPORTANT: The domain transfer time depends on the chosen domain extension. It ranges from several minutes to a full working week:

  • Few minutes
    The most frequently used domain name extensions to be moved within a few minutes. E.g. .CO.UK, .EU, .COM.
  • Full working week (5 days)
    New and less frequent domain endings can be up to five days. E.g..ONLINE,.SHOP,.BUSINESS.

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