100 % additional

When transferring your website from another provider to us, we will give you 100 % extra web hosting for free. For example if you pay your web hosting at ACTIVE 24 for the year ahead, you will get free web hosting for the second year from us.

Beginning January 2020 we utilize exclusively energy from renewable resources for charging our servers.

How to get 100 % extra web hosting?


When ordering one of our web hosting plans please provide your domain name on which you run your website at another provider.


Submit the following password in the note section “100 % extra web hosting”.


We will establish your web hosting after payment and will add a paid twice the period bonus, to your web hosting within 14 days.


In case of any questions, we will contact you in order to agree to the method of converting your website, which will be beneficial for you.


We have prepared a Guide for you on how to easily transfer your website to ACTIVE 24.


Our specialists will help you set up WordPress.

What do you gain with a hosting at ACTIVE 24?

Top technical background

Server monitoring 

Unlimited web hosting terms of use

Terms of this special offer