Mailbox PLUS

With ACTIVE 24 E-mail, you can upgrade any of your mailboxes to mailbox PLUS. Mailbox PLUS is an affordable alternative to Microsoft Exchange solution.

If you want to use additional features like bulk chat and video calls directly from webmail, or online document management, order Mailbox Plus.

Mailbox PLUS can be ordered together with the basic ACTIVE 24 E-mail plan. If your ACTIVE 24 E-mail is already active, and you wish to upgrade to PLUS mailbox, please, contact our customer support.

without VAT per month: 2.99 €

with VAT: 3.59 €

Why upgrade your mailbox?

More mailbox capacity

30 GB space available for your mail and documents.

Access to your data at any time

You can synchronize the complete contents of your mailbox, contacts, calendar and documents among up to five devices. Your data will thus be always at your disposal, whether you work on your computer, tablet or cell phone.

Modern technology

Exchange ActiveSync® support ensures PUSH data synchronization, so you can learn about the new message or event immediately. This technology is supported on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10.

Simple setup

With autodiscover, you only need to enter an address and password when you set up an email account on a mobile or email client (such as Outlook). Other parameters will be set up automatically.


Webmail offers the ability to chat with colleagues who also use the PLUS mailbox. The service supports public standard XMPP.

Mailbox security

When loosing your mobile phone, you can remotely remove the email account from this device from the webmail interface.  You can also remotely return the phone to the factory settings.